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Indoor Golf Games, Ranges & Ways to Play

The way you want

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Find your Five Iron Golf location and have a great round!

At Five Iron we encourage you to golf your ball exactly how you want.

Just here to hang with friends and grab drinks without worrying about fixing that wicked slice? That’s our specialty. With games and competitions fit for any age, we dare you not to have any fun.

Not here to play games? We have all the technology you need to get serious and lower that handicap so you can take your new and improved swing straight to the tour.

Play games

On the Main Menu, choose “Games” to be taken to the library of fun-filled competition options!


Golf’s version of target practice.

Difficulty -

The closer you stiff it, the more points you get. It’s that simple!

Streets of neon

Putt your brains out

Difficulty -

Kid Friendly

Find out who the best putter in your group is with this miniature golf course unlike any other you’ve seen.

Hit it!

A test of brute strength off the tee

Difficulty -

Put a spotlight on your long game with this classic long-drive competition and try and knock it out of the park!

Closest to the pin

Just like it sounds

Difficulty -

The ultimate test of accuracy – each player gets three shots on a par 3 of your choosing. Whoever hits it closest to the hole… you guessed it, wins!

Capture the Flag

Short game meets strategy

Difficulty -

It’s closest to the pin, but with an added strategic twist! Each player gets 3 rounds, 3 balls each round, to knock it closest to the holes of your choosing. The player who stuck it closest at each location at the end of the game captures the flag for that hole… most flags captured wins!

Magic Pond

Use your short game skills to unearth mythical creatures

Difficulty -

Kid Friendly

Choose Challenge mode to rack up as many points as possible in 24 shots or Explore mode to chip, pitch, and punch your way to capturing every last monster.

Perfect your swing

On the Main Menu, choose “Games” to be taken to the library of fun-filled competition options!

Shot Analysis

All the data, right at your fingertips

This suped-up driving range combines tour-level technology with multiple high-speed camera angles to bring you real-time club, ball, and swing data. TrackMan is a favorite among swing coaches who love to dive into the numbers, but it also has built-in recommendations for game improvement so you’re guaranteed to leave better, even when you’re on your own!

On course practice

Pinpoint your pain points

Place your ball anywhere, at any distance, on any course to practice exactly what you need to perform your best! This type of scenario-specific practice is unheard of at a regular driving range.

Target practice range

Bang a bag o’ balls

Whether you’re trying to dial in an awkward distance or are looking to improve your accuracy off the tee, this feature allows you to get as many reps in as you need to nail down a specific shot. Pick a club, a distance, and a target to start putting in the work without the pressure of a foursome behind you!

Take it to the course

On the Main Menu, choose “Courses”. Then, select a course, add golfers’ names, and select a format to play.

Stroke Play

This one’s the definition of golf! Tee it up and go low with every shot counting. Lowest score wins.

Alternate Shot

With a partner, take turns hitting the ball until you’ve holed out, meaning this is a test of trust just as much as it is skill!

Team Scramble

One team, one dream! Each member tees off. Pick the ball with the best result and everyone hits their next shot from there. Repeat this process until the last putt drops!

Pitch & Putt

With a variety of short holes, this is a fun way for first timers to be introduced to the game, or to put an experienced player’s swing to the test!

Select your location
& start playing!

Play, Practice and Party the way you want

Five Iron Golf re-shaped Manhattan’s golf culture, growing from our original midtown location to a re-imagined, high-tech, inclusive urban golf experience for golfers and non-golfers alike. Five Iron Golf is for everyone.

Up your party's pace of play with multisport!


Level up your game with a new, electrifying blend of sports.

An epic expansion of all the fun you have with indoor golf, now with brand new sports at 5i!

With a range of Difficulty and Boost settings, up to 8 players can compete at a time, but everyone can find the perfect challenge for their gaming experience.

golf simulators five iron golf events
golf simulators five iron golf events
golf simulators five iron golf events

Give your irons a break,
it’s time to expand your entertainment horizon!

Slapshot hockey

Breakaway Soccer

Foot Golf


Disc-Go Golf

Zombie Dogeball

To reserve Multiport sims for your party or event, contact our Event staff today.

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