Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Playoffs
Mon. 7pm (Sim 1)Party Of ForeEven ParParty Of ForeJames McHaleBetter Than MostRachel UchitelMagnificent MulligansTBD
Mon. 7pm (Sim 2)Thumb ActivatorsMagnificent MulligansI'm Inside Of YouNancy MulliganMagnificent MulligansEven ParTBD
Mon. 7pm (Sim 3)I'm Inside Of YouNancy MulliganRachel UchitelThumb ActivatorsMagnificent MulligansI'm Inside Of YouThumb ActivatorsTBD
Mon. 7pm (Sim 4)Magnificent MulligansI'm Inside Of YouBetter Than MostForegasmThumb ActivatorsBunkers & BogeysForegasmTBD
Mon. 7pm (Sim 5)Nancy MulliganMagnificent MulligansMagnificent MulligansRachel UchitelParty Of ForeRachel Uchitel
Mon. 9pm (Sim 1)James McHaleBetter Than MostBunkers & BogeysFive Iron Huh? You're FiredI'm Inside Of YouJames McHaleFive Iron Huh? You're FiredTBD
Mon. 9pm (Sim 2)Thumb ActivatorsRachel UchitelFive Iron Huh? You're FiredNancy MulliganPutt Putt PassNancy MulliganBunkers & BogeysTBD
Mon. 9pm (Sim 3)Better Than MostParty Of ForeForegasmParty Of ForeJames McHaleForegasmNancy MulliganTBD
Mon. 9pm (Sim 4)Putt Putt PassI'm Inside Of YouBetter Than MostParty Of ForePutt Putt PassTBD
Mon. 9pm (Sim 5)Even ParJames McHaleRachel Uchitel
Tues. 7pm (Sim 1)Bunkers & BogeysPutt Putt PassPutt Putt PassBunkers & BogeysBunkers & BogeysBetter Than MostParty Of ForeTBD
Tues. 7pm (Sim 2)Five Iron Huh? You're FiredJames McHaleNancy MulliganPutt Putt PassFive Iron Huh? You're FiredEven ParBetter Than MostTBD
Tues. 7pm (Sim 3)ForegasmFive Iron Huh? You're FiredEven ParEven ParEven ParFive Iron Huh? You're FiredI'm Inside Of YouTBD
Tues. 7pm (Sim 4)Rachel UchitelBunkers & BogeysThumb ActivatorsForegasmPutt Putt PassJames McHaleTBD
Tues. 7pm (Sim 5)ForegasmThumb Activators9/17/19