Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Playoffs/Championship
Mon. 7pm (Sim 1)Pat Reed Fan ClubBall Not DetectedPat Reed Fan Club4 Dudes 1 CupPat Reed Fan ClubDawg CheckFive Iron Huh? You're FiredRachel Uchitel
Mon. 7pm (Sim 2)Shotgun MulligansLil ToeyMitch CumsteinShotgun MulligansDawg CheckIm Inside Of You4 Dudes 1 CupPat Reed Fan Club
Mon. 7pm (Sim 3)Too Wet for CartsJesse and the RippersThe Fore FathersDawg CheckThe Bogey BunchChris MooreI'm Inside Of You
Mon. 7pm (Sim 4)Fearsome FoursomeThe Fore AmigosRJ CilleyNancy MulliganToo Wet for CartsPat Reed Fan ClubSultans of SwingFive Iron Huh? You're Fired
Mon. 7pm (Sim 5)Five Iron Huh? You're FiredMitch CumsteinThe Fore FathersThe Fore FathersThe Fore FathersToo Wet for CartsForegasm
Mon. 9pm (Sim 1)Sultans of SwingSultans of SwingBall Not DetectedEven ParLil ToeyLil ToeyThe Fore Fathers
Mon. 9pm (Sim 2)Even ParThe Fore FathersIm Inside Of YouFive Iron Huh? You're FiredMitch CumsteinChris MooreIm Inside Of YouDawg Check
Mon. 9pm (Sim 3)Jesse and the RippersIm Inside Of YouDawg CheckToo Wet for CartsForegasmMy Fingers HurtJesse and the RippersThe Bogey Bunch
Mon. 9pm (Sim 4)4 Dudes 1 CupThe Bogey BunchThe Bogey BunchRJ CilleyNancy MulliganBall Not DetectedHannah Baik
Mon. 9pm (Sim 5)The Fore FathersShotgun MulligansToo Wet for CartsOther Free AgentsJesse and the RippersThe Fore AmigosFearsome FoursomeGrip It and Sip It
Mon. 9pm (Sim 6)The Fore AmigosFive Iron Huh? You're FiredThe Fore AmigosGrip It and Sip It5 Net 4Shotgun Mulligans
Mon. 9pm (Sim 7)Rachel UchitelFearsome FoursomeFive Iron Huh? You're FiredChris MooreOther Free AgentsRachel Uchitel5 Net 4
Mon. 9pm (Sim 8)My Fingers HurtDawg Check
Mon. 9pm (Sim 9)The Bogey Bunch5 Net 4Putt Putt PassPutt Putt PassGrip It and Sip ItGrip It and Sip ItDawg Check
Mon. 9pm (Sim 10)Lil ToeyRJ Cilley4 Dudes 1 CupBall Not DetectedChris MooreBall Not DetectedGrip It and Sip It
Tues. 7pm (Sim 1)5 Net 4Hannah BaikChris MooreLil ToeyHannah BaikRJ CilleyThe Fore FathersLil Toey
Tues. 7pm (Sim 2)Hannah BaikForegasmMy Fingers HurtMitch CumsteinRachel UchitelHannah BaikMitch Cumstein7 PM Winner
Tues. 7pm (Sim 3)Nancy MulliganRachel UchitelHannah BaikThe Fore AmigosFearsome FoursomeEven ParForegasmToo Wet for Carts
Tues. 7pm (Sim 4)Ball Not DetectedMy Fingers HurtEven ParThe Bogey BunchSultans of SwingJesse and the RippersHannah Baik9 PM Winner
Tues. 7pm (Sim 5)5 Net 4Hannah BaikIm Inside Of You5 Net 4Putt Putt Pass
Tues. 9pm (Sim 1)ForegasmNancy MulliganOther Free AgentsPat Reed Fan ClubRJ CilleyFive Iron Huh? You're FiredEven ParTBD
Tues. 9pm (Sim 2)Grip It and Sip ItPat Reed Fan ClubGrip It and Sip ItFearsome FoursomeShotgun MulligansForegasmRJ CilleyTBD
Tues. 9pm (Sim 3)Mitch CumsteinGrip It and Sip ItShotgun MulligansEven ParThe Fore AmigosNancy MulliganRachel Uchitel
Tues. 9pm (Sim 4)Chris MooreToo Wet for CartsRachel Uchitel5 Net 4Lil ToeyFearsome FoursomeThe Fore Amigos
Tues. 9pm (Sim 5)Im Inside Of YouChris MooreFearsome FoursomeMy Fingers HurtBall Not DetectedMitch CumsteinShotgun Mulligans
Tues. 9pm (Sim 6)Other Free Agents4 Dudes 1 CupJesse and the RippersJesse and the RippersFive Iron Huh? You're FiredSultans of SwingMy Fingers Hurt
Tues. 9pm (Sim 7)RJ CilleyOther Free AgentsNancy MulliganIm Inside Of YouMy Fingers Hurt4 Dudes 1 CupThe Bogey Bunch
Tues. 9pm (Sim 8)Sultans of SwingRachel UchitelPutt Putt PassPutt Putt PassPat Reed Fan Club
Tues. 9pm (Sim 9)Putt Putt PassPutt Putt PassForegasmSultans of Swing4 Dudes 1 CupOther Free AgentsOther Free Agents
Tues. 9pm (Sim 10)Dawg CheckEven ParLil ToeyForegasmThe Bogey BunchToo Wet for CartsNancy Mulligan