Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Playoffs/Championship
Mon. 7pmMy Fingers HurtThe Fore FathersMighty PuttsIm Inside Of YouIm Inside Of You4 Dudes 1 CupBig ShotTBD
Dude, Where's My Par?5 Net 4Ball Not Detected4 Dudes 1 CupMEMBER SQUADFive Iron Huh? You're FiredShotgun MulligansTBD
Just the ChipFive Iron Huh? You're FiredLil' ToeyBall Not DetectedIt's All in the HipsMy Fingers HurtLadies TeaseTBD
Even ParThe Fore FathersThe Bogey BunchBenedict Feuer5 Net 4ForegasmTBD
Mark DowneyMEMBER SQUADPat Reed Fan ClubMark DowneyIm Inside Of YouLil' ToeyTBD
Mon. 9pmLadies TeaseBig ShotChris MooreGrip It and Sip ItChubb's Swing AcademyRachel UchitelMark DowneyTBD
Big ShotFringe GuysTiger's WoodFringe GuysJust the ChipChubb's Swing AcademyMy Fingers HurtTBD
5 Net 4Mighty PuttsChubb's Swing AcademyBig ShotDude, Where's My Par?Mark DowneyChris MooreTBD
Even ParThe Bogey Bunch5 Net 4The Fore FathersMighty PuttsBall Not DetectedIm Inside Of YouTBD
Shotgun Mulligans4 Dudes 1 CupDude, Where's My Par?Benedict FeuerEven ParPat Reed Fan ClubJust the ChipTBD
The Fore FathersLil' Toey4 Dudes 1 CupFive Iron Huh? You're FiredFringe GuysDude, Where's My Par?Grip It and Sip It
Rachel UchitelBenedict FeuerPat Reed Fan ClubJust the ChipLadies TeaseForegasmEven Par
Fringe GuysMy Fingers HurtForegasmMy Fingers HurtChris MooreMEMBER SQUADPat Reed Fan Club
Ball Not DetectedShotgun MulligansEven ParChris MooreBall Not DetectedIt's All in the HipsBall Not Detected
Pat Reed Fan ClubPat Reed Fan ClubBenedict FeuerMark DowneyThe Bogey BunchLadies TeaseMEMBER SQUAD
Tues. 7pmLil' ToeyMEMBER SQUADMy Fingers HurtEven ParRachel UchitelGrip It and Sip ItMike Guttag Vanity ProjectTBD
Benedict FeuerIt's All in the HipsThe Bogey BunchMEMBER SQUADShotgun MulligansTiger's WoodThe Bogey BunchTBD
4 Dudes 1 CupBall Not DetectedShotgun MulligansDude, Where's My Par?Big ShotChris MooreRachel UchitelTBD
Chubb's Swing AcademyGrip It and Sip ItFive Iron Huh? You're FiredChubb's Swing AcademyForegasmJust the ChipThe Fore FathersTBD
Mighty PuttsMike Guttag Vanity ProjectGrip It and Sip ItLadies TeaseFive Iron Huh? You're FiredBenedict FeuerTiger's Wood
Tues. 9pmNancy MulliganIm Inside Of YouLadies TeaseForegasmPat Reed Fan ClubLil' ToeyDude, Where's My Par?TBD
The Bogey BunchNancy MulliganFringe GuysNancy MulliganMike Guttag Vanity ProjectFringe GuysFive Iron Huh? You're FiredTBD
Tiger's WoodTiger's WoodIm Inside Of YouShotgun MulligansMy Fingers HurtNancy Mulligan5 Net 4
Mike Guttag Vanity ProjectDude, Where's My Par?Rachel UchitelRachel Uchitel4 Dudes 1 CupBig Shot4 Dudes 1 Cup
Chris MooreRachel UchitelJust the ChipIt's All in the Hips5 Net 4Mighty PuttsNancy Mulligan
ForegasmJust the ChipIt's All in the HipsMighty PuttsThe Fore FathersThe Fore FathersIt's All in the Hips
It's All in the HipsChubb's Swing AcademyBig ShotTiger's WoodGrip It and Sip ItMike Guttag Vanity ProjectFringe Guys
Im Inside Of YouForegasmMark DowneyLil' ToeyTiger's WoodShotgun MulligansMighty Putts
Grip It and Sip ItLadies TeaseMike Guttag Vanity Project5 Net 4Nancy MulliganEven ParBenedict Feuer
Five Iron Huh? You're FiredChris MooreNancy MulliganMike Guttag Vanity ProjectLil' ToeyThe Bogey BunchChubb's Swing Academy