Round Set-up Procedure

  • Players should log into their Trackman accounts to access the tournament with predetermined format and settings
    • Participants will need to have a trackman login to play in the tournament.  They will be informed that they need to have a login prior to the first round, but are able to make one at the bay when they come in if they don’t previously have one.


  • The tournament round invitation will be sent to all players via email before the relevant round begins. If players have not received the invitation or are unable to access the tournament, each rounds settings will be available on the intranet
    • Players may need to enter a handicap in order to start the tournament, please alert them that this is a gross tournament and handicaps will not be included in any scoring


  • Explain to the contestant “mulligans” must be approved by a Five Iron staff member when there is a misread or other issue, and any unapproved mulligan will result in a two-stroke penalty
    • If a players uses a mulligan, it will be recorded  by the software but please alert to any mulligans that are taken during a round that you are aware of/approve of


Instruct the player not to exit out of their scorecard when their round is over so you can then take a picture of the score (all 18 holes) and email their scorecard to the commissioner

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