START DATE: Jan. 10-11

TEE TIMES: Mon. or Tues. between 6-9PM*
*Times vary by location

DURATION: 7-week season + 1 bonus week*
*Only 1 team from each location makes it to the National Championship in week 8 but every team gets a chance to play another 9.

LOCAL PLAYOFFS: Feb. 22nd-23rd



  • Riding Solo – Sign up as a free agent and we’ll find you a foursome.
  • Partial Squad – Everyone signs up as a free agent and you each add the name of your selected team captain in the notes field. We check the notes, link you up, and complete your team.
  • Gang’s All Here – Register the whole group chat as a team and everyone will get a chance to play. Your roster has no limit until the playoffs… when only four can enter the Thunderdome.

National Championship prize provided by our partners in golf travel, All Access GTE, and it includes a two-night, two-round, stay and play trip to Reynolds Resort at Lake Oconee, Georgia, for your winning foursome!

Winners of the National Championship Grand Prize will receive: 

  1. Four Reynolds Golf Packages, which includes:
    1. Accommodations for two (2) nights at Reynolds Lake Oconee Resort, dates and room types subject to availability, the room will be a four bedroom cottage;
    2. Two (2) rounds of golf at Reynolds Lake Oconee Resort, including rounds at either The National, The Preserve and Great Waters courses, with the option to play replay rounds at no additional cost;
    3. Complimentary breakfast.
  2. The Grand Prize does not include:
    1. Transportation to and/or from Reynolds Lake Oconee Resort (whether air, ground, or similar means of travel); however, Five Iron Golf will provide four (4) $200 travel vouchers (one for each person) to cover a portion of travel expenses;
    2. No food or beverage other than the complimentary breakfast specified above; and
    3. Fees for caddies services, which may be required. 
  3. Any other additional costs not specified as being covered by Five Iron Golf, including but not limited to golf outside of the Reynolds Golf Package, dining outside of the Reynolds Golf Package, other recreational activities, or equipment or apparel purchases will not be covered as part of the National Grand Prize.

Word on the street


Five Iron Golf Leagues follow a 8 week format – 6 weeks of regular season play and two weeks of playoffs. The eighth week is the national championship, consisting of each 5i location’s Local Champ.

Teams play a predetermined nine holes and format (scrambles, alt shots, best balls) and the team’s standing that week will determine their points scored for the overall season leaderboard.

At the end of each week, every team’s score will be sorted from first to last place. The points that are distributed for the season depends on how many teams are in the league. For example, if there’s 30 teams, the team that finishes in first place will receive 30 points, second place will receive 29 points, third place will receive 28 points, and so on.

In the case of a tie, the points for the corresponding places will be added up and divided by the number of teams that tie. Example: if three teams tie for first place, the 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place points are added and divided by three (30+29+28, 87/3 = 29). In this instance, each team that tied for first would receive 29 points for that week.

Five Iron Golf Leagues operates through the League Apps management software, and all information regarding our Leagues can be found on the LA website once you and your teammates have set up accounts.

Download the LeagueApps Play application on your Apple or Android phone to receive all Five Iron Leagues information mobily, including: schedule notifications, updated standings, team messaging, and more!

If you would like to play with your own golf clubs you are welcome to. We also have a wide variety of new clubs that you can use for free.

This depends on the location your team registers to play at. Some of our locations use Full Swing simulator technology, while others use TrackMan. The national finals will be exclusively played on TrackMan. 

Make-ups are allowed for regular season play, but are not allowed under any circumstance for playoffs.

If you know your team cannot make a regular season week, contact leagues@fiveirongolf.com in advance to schedule a make-up. Make-ups must be completed prior to the date of play that will be missed. Any sim rental request to play a make-up round will be charged with a discount of 50% off.

Yes! There is no max or minimum of how many males or females are allowed on a Five Iron League team.

Males will always play the tee boxes right in front of the “back” tees, and females will always play the “forward” tee boxes.

No. To keep competition as fair as possible, teams will be placed in six flights (depending on the size of the location) of six teams based on the final standings. There will be three rounds of six holes each to determine the champion of the flight. Each round will be a matchup of three best-ball match play.

The top-2 teams of each flight get a bye to the second round and will play the winners of the first round matchups. Any leaderboard ties will be decided by a USGA scorecard playoff.

A playoff tie will be decided by a sudden-death playoff going hole-by-hole starting on the first hole of the already played six holes.

Yes. A team can consist of a max eight players that can play any week, even for the playoffs.

Yes, but your team must finish your round by the end of your scheduled time slot.

Any holes that are unplayed will be bogeyed out for all teammates.

Register as a Free Agent and Five Iron will aim to group Free Agents to make a team of four players. After registration ends, Five Iron will automatically place Free Agents onto Free Agent only teams, in registration date order.Once confirmed, Free Agents will attend week 1 of League play for team meet and greet, and commence League play.

If Five Iron cannot find Free Agents a team, a full refund will be given. Applicable sales tax or processing fee applies.

You can read the full Five Iron League Rules and Regulations by clicking here.

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