Meet the man behind the brand, Jace Lipstein, a true 5i fan ⁠— and learn about an exciting collab dropping just in time for the holiday season.

5i fans, I am pumped to be back in the saddle again for another episode of Tricks of the Trade! This time around we are talking about a fan favorite: “Swing Video”.

What up 5i fam?! We are thrilled to introduce a new series ‘5i Tricks of the Trade’, dedicated to helping all our ballers make their practice time as efficient -- and effective -- as possible.

"Even if golf seems intimidating, try it out! You might really like it!"

"Just go for it. It's okay to fail because every failure is one step closer to greatness."

"Sim golf for life. I've never been on a golf course but I love hopping in a sim and showing the 5i team how I can now make contact."