• Individual event – $100 to sign up ($50 for members)
  • Sign up includes a 1.5 hour booking to complete the round
  • Sign-up via LeagueApps


Dates and course


  • 10/23-11/4
  • The Concession Golf Club


  • 11/8
  • PGA National



  • Trackman only



  • Individuals will come in as many times as they would like during 10/23-11/4 to complete their 18-hole qualifying round(s)



Gross Men’s Competition

  • Top Gross score from each location 
  • Top 10 Gross scores

Gross Women’s Competition

  • Top Gross score from each location 
  • Top 10 Gross scores

Net Men’s Competition

  • Top Net score from each location
  • Top 10 Net not already playing via gross

Net Women’s Competition 

  • Top Net score from each location
  • Top 10 Net not already qualified via gross



This competition will include a Net and Gross leaderboard. In order to compete in the net leaderboard, players will need to have an official GHIN handicap. Anyone who does not have an official handicap will still be able to compete on the gross leaderboard.The top 10 men and top 10 women on the gross leaderboard will advance to the finals, plus the gross winner from each location. The top 10 men and top 10 women on the net leaderboard not already qualified through the gross leaderboard will also advance. Lastly, the top net score from each location will advance to the finals.


Net & Gross Winners:

If any player comes in first for both net and gross leaderboards, that player will be the gross winner and the next player on the net leaderboard will be the net winner.


Booking Procedure

  • Individuals will receive a free 1.5 hour booking with entry – they are welcome to extend for longer if they would like but will have to pay for this themselves
  • All participants will have signed up via LeagueApps and been notified of the course information before they play. Additionally, they will all have received an invitation to join the private tournament that is available on trackman.
  • Contestants can post multiple scores if they would like but only the first booking is covered by the tournament fee


How to play a round:

  1. Accept the tournament invitation via the email you received (or this link)
  2. Book your sim at any Five Iron – make sure to request a Trackman simulator. A 90 minutes is included in the tournament fee and should give you plenty of time to warm up and complete your round
  3. When ready to start your round, login to your trackman account 
  4. Go into “Tournaments” on the Trackman homepage
  5. You should see “Five Iron End of Summer Showdown” available if you accepted the tournament invitation 
  6. Enter the tournament and play your round
  7. If you are asked for a handicap, select 0.0
  8. Take a picture of your round – just in case, and send to leagues@fiveirongolf.com
  9. Wait for the results! 


Round Set-up Procedure

    • Players should log into their Trackman accounts to access the tournament with predetermined format and settings
      • Participants will need to have a trackman login to play in the tournament.  They will be informed that they need to have a login prior to the first round, but are able to make one at the bay when they come in if they don’t previously have one.
    • The tournament round invitation will be sent to all league players via email before the relevant round begins. If players have not received the invitation or are unable to access the tournament, each rounds settings will be available on the intranet
      • Players may need to enter a handicap in order to start the tournament, please alert them that this is a gross tournament and handicaps will not be included in any scoring
    • Explain to the contestant “mulligans” must be approved by a Five Iron staff member when there is a misread or other issue, and any unapproved mulligan will result in a two-stroke penalty
      • If a players uses a mulligan, it will be recorded  by the software but please alert leagues@giveirongolf.com to any mulligans that are taken during a round that you are aware of/ approve of
  • Instruct the player not to exit out of their scorecard when their round is over so you can then take a picture of the score (all 18 holes) and email their scorecard to the commissioner leagues@fiveirongolf.com



  • Net and Gross Champions: Year supply of golf balls
  • Net and Gross Champions: 2023 Callaway Driver
  • CTP during qualifying: 3 piece wedge set from Callaway
  • All qualifiers: 5i Swag (Hat, Towel, Socks) plus a sleeve of Callaway golf balls


If there are issues accessing the tournament, you can set-up manually. In this case, please take a picture of final scorecard:


Round Settings

Course: The Concession Golf Club

Tees: Men- Gold, Women – Red

Fairway: Medium

Green firmness: Medium

Green Stimp: 9

Pins: Easy

Wind: Calm

Putting: Manual – Aimed

Gimmie: 8 ft 



How do I enter?

  • All players must complete registration through LeagueApps and pay the $100 registration fee

How do I schedule my Rounds?

  • Players will book their rounds themselves either through or website or by calling into the location
    • Will just need to make sure that they request a Trackman simulator

What comes with my entry?

  • Entry will include:
    • 90 minute simulator rental to complete your round
    • 20% off beverage sponsor products (Truly/Mic Ultra)
    • 20% off 5i Cocktails
    • 20% off all food during rounds


How does it work?

  • Players will complete their 18 hole round sometime between 10/23-11/4
    • Participants are welcome to post more than one score but they will have to pay for their simulator rental if they want to try more than once
  • The round will be played in the stroke play format
  • Players will putt with 8-foot gimmies
  • If players post multiple scores, only their best score will count toward prizing


How do I know what course I’m playing? 

  • A welcome email will be sent out to all participant at least the day before the competition starts


How are matches scored?

  • The tournament will be played in the stroke play format, so your round will be scored by your score to par
    • There will be a Net and Gross leaderboard (participants are only eligible for the Net leaderboard if they have submitted an official GHIN handicap)
  • The tiebreaker for scores is listed here in order of how they will be compared:
    • Total of the back 9
    • Total of the last 6 on the back
    • Total of the last 3 on the back
    • Sudden death matchplay starting from 18 and going backwards


How do you win?

  • The top man and top woman on the Net and Gross leaderboard (4 total) will be the winners
  • If a player finished on the top of the Net and Gross leaderboard for their gender, that person will be the Gross champion, and whoever is second on the Net leaderboard will be the Net champion for their gender
    • Players cannot win both the Net and Gross leaderboard


What do I get if I win?

  • Winners of the Net and Gross leaderboards will receive a years supply of golf balls Plus a 2023 Callaway Driver


Do other people win things?

  • All players who qualify for the finals will get a 5i Swag Bag and a sleeve of Callaway golf balls
  • National CTP winner gets a 3-piece Wedge Set


What should I know about the simulators?

  • All players are expected to use the simulator properly and adhere to the Five Iron Golf Tour rules and regulations.
  • Any attempts to manipulate the simulator as determined by the Five Iron Golf Tour in its sole discretion will be grounds for removal.
  • Teeing up the ball is only permitted on the first shot of every hole. A one stroke penalty will be assessed for any violations of this rule.